Two senior  citizens were killed by wild animals today.

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Thrissur:  March  05 (IVC) Two senior  citizens  one  woman by a wild elephant  by a  wild  elephant in district and a farmer in Kozhikode district by a bison were killed  today.

                A  71-year old  woman  Indira , wife of  Ramakrishnan,  was tramped to death  by  a  wild elephant at Nerya Mangalam   near Kothamangalam in the  Ernakulam District yesterday. The mishap occurred  when  she was carrying  tea   to her husband who  was working  at the rubber estate. With today’s two deaths, the number of   persons  who  became preys of  the wild animals play  rose to  three  in two days, police  said.

                A sixty-four  year old  woman Valsala , wife of the Ooru  Mooppan Rajan  was trampled to death  by a wild   elephant  at Vaachumaram  colony   near Peringalkuth  in the District  today.

                The  police said that the mishap  occurred  when she was gathering  forest  produce   for earning livelihood.  The efforts were being made   to bring  the  body  out  of  forest.

                In another wild animal’s attack  a 69-year old farmer  was gored to death  at  Kakkayam in the Kozhikode  by a bison this after.  The mishap  occurred  when the farmer Paalatty  Abrham was standing  in  his farmland   looking after the crops, police  said.

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