No  inauguration of private programs  in  his capacity  as Member of Parliament : Suresh Gopi 

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By  our  Correspondent

Guruvayur, July  5 (IVC)   The  Union Minister of State  for Petroleum and Natural Gas and Tourism, Mr Suresh Gopi   said that he would not entertain  the inauguration of any private program  in his  capacity as Member of  Parliament.

                Replying to the reception  accorded to him by the BJP Chavakad Mandalam  Committee  at nearby  Engandiyur yesterday, the minister made it clear  that he would  gladly accept invitations for inauguration of private  programs  as a cine actor  and not a MP.  He hastened to add  that  he would be  glad  to  accept  invitations  for such  private  programs  and  receive   money for it as other actors do.              He said that  the  money  accrued from  such  programs would entirely   be given  to  his  trust and he would not  take  even  a  single naya paise  for  his  personal  need   and the entire amounts would be set apart  for  philanthropic  activities.

                The  remuneration came to him from  acting in films, in between five  and  eight  per  cent  would  be   utilized   for   pro bono   public  activities, the Minister  added.  He   assured  the audience  that  all promises  of development  projects put  forward by   him during electioneering  would certainly  be fulfilled and perhaps more than them.

                Mr  Suresh Gopi was elected to the 18th Parliament from Thrissur  Lok  Sabha Constituency and thus  the  long  cherished wish  of BJP to open an account  in the Lok sabah from Kerala  with  at least one elected representative of the party  was fulfilled.

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