New pilgrim tourist  circuit from Nagapattinam to Thrissur: Suresh  Gopi

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Thrissur, July  06  (IVC)  The Union Minister  of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas  and Tourism, Mr  Suresh Gopi  said  that a new tourism circuit from Nagapattinam from Tamil Nadu  to   Thrissur Lourde  Cathedral  was  under the proposal as part of fulfilling  the premises given by  him during the electioneering  to  the 18th Lok Sabha  elections.  Gopi was  elected from the Thrissur  Lok Sabha constituency.

                Addressing a meet-the-press  programme  organized by  the Press Club here yesterday, the  minister  said  that  the  proposed circuit   would touch Velankanny, Dindigul, Mangaladevi in Tamil Nadu  and Kalady. Malayattoor, Bharananganam and Kodungalloor  and  it would  end at Thrissur  Loude  Cathedral where the Madonna was dedicated, in the  heart  of  the  city.

                The  concerned authorities had been asked to prepare a draft plan for the proposed  tourism  project and it  would be ready shortly, he  expressed  the  hope.

                Guruvayur  had to  be taken up as a special case, he added. Kerala  needs  a  tourism development  project  of  its  own  without  spoiling the mangroves ad lagoons. The  proposed tourist  project  would not affect  adversely the mangroves and lagoons, he added.

                Answering a query  on the  delay  in establishing  All India Institute  of Medical  Sciences (AIIMS) branch  in Kerala, he said  it was  due  to  certain man-made problems  and not on the part of the Union Government. AIIMS   would be functioning from Kerala within five years, he  added.

                The  minister said that earnest  efforts  would  be  made  to attract  investors to Kerala. Attempts  would  be  made to  extend  the Kochi Metro   train  up  to Coimbatore, adding he said that  care should be taken  that the  investors who  shown interest  in investing in Kerala  should  not  be   blocked  on flimsy grounds, the minister  added.IVC Ckg Tcr

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