President Murmu Declares India as Fastest-Growing Major Economy in 2023 During Budget Session Address

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New Delhi: In a landmark address to a joint sitting of Parliament on January 31, President Droupadi Murmu emphasized that 2023 marked a historic year for India as it secured the distinction of being the fastest-growing major economy despite facing global challenges.

President Murmu highlighted the economic achievements, stating, “The year 2023 was a historic year for India when it grew the fastest among major economies despite the global crisis. India witnessed an impressive growth of about 7.5 per cent for two consecutive quarters.” She underscored the resilience of the Indian economy in the face of global uncertainties.

Addressing a range of issues during her first speech at the new Parliament building, President Murmu outlined the government’s vision for a developed India, emphasizing the crucial role of four pillars – youth power, women power, farmers, and the poor. She stated, “The government believes that the grand edifice of a developed India will stand on the four strong pillars of youth power, women power, farmers, and the poor.”

President Murmu also stressed the significance of overcoming challenges from the past to accelerate progress into the future. She asserted, “A country can progress at a fast pace only when it defeats the challenges of the past and puts maximum energy into building the future.” Her comprehensive address touched upon diverse subjects, including insurgency and inflation, reflecting the government’s commitment to addressing multifaceted issues facing the nation.

The President’s speech comes during the Budget Session, setting the tone for discussions and deliberations on key policy matters and the financial roadmap for the upcoming year. With India’s impressive economic growth in 2023 taking center stage, the President’s address is expected to fuel discussions on the country’s economic policies and strategies to sustain and enhance growth in the coming years.

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