No need  for  CPI(M)  to meet  for  stocktaking its  miserable defeat

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By  our  special  Political  Correspondent

Thrissur, June  21 (IVC)   It  was  the  opinion of Communist Party  of India (Marxist) (CPI(M) leaders, who pleaded  anonymity, that  there was no need of  post-poll  stocktaking exercise for the party  had a  miserable  defeat,  for  winning only  one  seat  out  of  a  total  of 20 seats  in the 18th  Lok  Sabha elections, the  results  of  which  were  declared  on June  04.

                They  said  that  the four day stocktaking exercise  in the  presence of  CPI(M) All-India Secretary, Sitaram Yechury  and Polit Bureau  member  Prakash Karat , held in Thiruvananthapuram  was a waste of time and money  as the thief is  in the  ship  itself.

                It  was the  time for  the Chief  Minister   Pinarayi  Vijayan  to relinquish  the  Chief Minister ship  of Kerala  and entrust  with  another efficient  leader  of  the  party by  guiding with his vast experience.

                It  would  be  the  right  thing  to   do  for  him for  the  growth  of  the party,  they   said. The  miserable  failure  of  the  party  was due  to  the  arrogant    style   of functioning the Chief  Minister  throughout  his  second  term  of  office.

                All ministers  of  his cabinet  are sycophants   and  nobody  was  ready  to  express  his/her  real and true  opinion in front  of  the  chief  minister.

                The  chief minister, it is alleged, muzzled  all  the leaders of the party  and the rank and file , who dared to speak against  him. The  decisions taken  by  the ministers of  cabinet, not  only  CPIM Ministers and  also other  party’s minsters,  were  compelled  to  take  prior  approval  of  the Chief Minister .  It   ran counter  to the  healthy democracy  and  the principle of the collective   responsibility  which led to the miserable defeat of the party  in the  18 th  Lok Sabha Elections.

                According  to   media reports, the Polit  Bureau  of  the CPI(M)  had insisted on  Pinarayi  Vijayan  to include at least Ms K K Sheilaja Teacher  in the cabinet of   his second term  as her performance in his first cabinet   was  excellent. Pinarayi defied the directive of the Polit  Bureau on  the ground that it was  his prerogative  to  select  his  ministers and Polit  Bureau  has nothing to do with.

                Leaders   of  the  CPI(M) tell  the press, on anonymity, that the  style  of  functioning   the  Chief  Minister, Pinarayi  Vijayan has harmed the  party  to a great extent .

                There  was  complete breakdown of  law  and order in the State.  They  pointed  out  that killing  of  Veterinary  University Student by  Students Federation of  India (SFI)    activists calling  him back to the  University who was on his way  home and beaten him  to  death.  The crime  was brutal and intolerable and LDF  Government did  not  take proper action   in  the matter.

                The  salaries of the Government employees , service pension and welfare  pensions were  not  paid on time and properly.

                The  attitude  of  the  Governments towards  media  was negative and sometimes insulting too. The  Government had declared on the floor assembly  to  Journalists’ an increase of Rs 1000  from the existing Rs 10,000 In their  pension .  It  was  shrank to  Rs 500  i.e. Rs 10,500  at  the  time  of  paying.   Though   the journalists  union   had  made  several  requests  demanding the increase of Rs 1000 as announced in the assembly, no  response  either negative or positive from the Government.  Now  the  CPI(M)  found as one of the reasons for the miserable defeat of the party in Lok  Sabha elections  was that the media was against it. It  was  cry over the split milk.

                The  LDF  Government in Kerala found pleasure in accusing the Central  Government  for the financial stringency in the State. At  the  same time, the  lavish expenses and life of ministers  including the Chief Minister  and MLAs went on unabated.

                The  politically  conscious and literate  people of Kerala did not  take  kindly  accusing of the Central Government for the profligacy of the LDF Government in Kerala. The  party  leaders  who  wanted  Pinarayi  Vijayan to  quit  say  that nobody  was  dare  enough  to  say the  wrongs  committed by Vijayan   as wrongs. 

                This  is  the  only  way at  this  juncture for  the   party  to  force  Pinarayi Vijayan to relinquish  the  post of  the chief Minster  to  avoid ‘personality  cult” and “Stalinism “ in the  Communist party   in Kerala.

                The  serious problem in the CPI() here  was that nobody  wants  to  displease  the Chief  Minister telling truth and gain a place in his bad  book. If the  Chief  Minister  Pinnarayi  Vijayan did not  quit,  the  party’s fate in Kerala  would also be that of the West  Bengal.   

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