Kerala Transport Minister Takes the Wheel of New Double-Decker Bus, Sparking Tourism Hopes

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In a unique twist, Kerala Transport Minister K. B. Ganesh Kumar took matters into his own hands, literally, by test-driving a brand new double-decker Swift bus in Thiruvananthapuram. This unexpected move wasn’t just a joyride for the minister; it was a deliberate effort to showcase the potential of these new buses to boost the city’s tourism sector.

Thiruvananthapuram, selected as part of the KSRTC’s Smart City project, recently acquired open-air double-decker Swift buses, aiming to add a unique dimension to the city’s transportation and tourism landscape. Minister Kumar, keen to experience the buses firsthand, not only inspected them at the depot but also hopped behind the wheel, taking the bus for a spin through the city streets.

This surprise maneuver caused quite a stir among city dwellers. Onlookers were treated to the unusual sight of their Transport Minister cruising by in a double-decker, while passengers onboard enjoyed a new perspective of the city from their elevated vantage point.

The minister’s enthusiasm for the new buses extends beyond a personal joyride. He envisions these double-deckers as a potential game-changer for Thiruvananthapuram’s tourism scene. Their open-air design offers panoramic views of the city, potentially attracting both tourists and locals seeking a unique sightseeing experience.

Beyond the novelty factor, the double-deckers also offer practical advantages. Their increased passenger capacity can help decongest city roads, while their fuel efficiency makes them an environmentally friendly alternative.

While the impact of these new buses on tourism remains to be seen, Minister Kumar’s proactive approach and personal investment in promoting them sends a clear message: Kerala is determined to innovate and explore new avenues to enhance its tourism appeal. Whether these double-deckers become a popular tourist attraction or simply offer a more comfortable commute for locals, one thing is certain – Minister Kumar’s test drive has sparked excitement and curiosity about the future of transportation and tourism in Thiruvananthapuram.

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