India to Beef Up Border Security with Fence and Patrol Track Along Myanmar Border.

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Kochi, India – February 6, 2024: In a move to strengthen border security, the Indian government has announced plans to construct a fence along the entire 1,643-kilometer border with Myanmar. Union Home Minister Amit Shah shared this news on Tuesday, highlighting the government’s commitment to “building impenetrable borders.”

The project will involve not only a physical barrier but also a dedicated patrol track for enhanced surveillance. “To facilitate better surveillance, a patrol track along the border will also be paved,” Shah said in a social media post.

While the project is in its initial stages, some progress has already been made. A 10-kilometer stretch in Moreh, Manipur, has already been fenced, and pilot projects using a Hybrid Surveillance System (HSS) are underway in Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur, covering 1 kilometer each. Additionally, approvals for fencing works spanning 20 kilometers in Manipur have been granted, and construction is expected to begin soon.

This initiative comes amid ongoing concerns about illegal immigration, smuggling, and insurgent activities along the India-Myanmar border. The fence and patrol track are expected to deter illegal crossings, improve border monitoring, and strengthen national security.

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