Iran Implements Visa-Free Policy for Indian Tourists Starting February 4, 2024

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New Delhi: In a significant development aimed at fostering cultural ties and boosting tourism, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has officially approved a visa-free policy for citizens of India, effective from February 4, 2024. However, this visa exemption comes with specific conditions set by Iranian authorities.

Under the new policy:

Frequency and Duration: Individuals holding ordinary passports will be allowed to enter Iran without a visa once every six months. The maximum permissible stay during each visit is limited to 15 days. It is essential to note that the 15-day period cannot be extended.

Purpose of Visit: The visa exemption is exclusively applicable to individuals entering the Islamic Republic of Iran for tourism purposes. Other purposes, such as business or study, will still require the standard visa application process.

Extended Stays or Multiple Entries: In cases where Indian nationals intend to stay for a more extended period, make multiple entries within a six-month period, or require different types of visas, they must obtain the necessary visas through the respective representations of the Islamic Republic of Iran in India.

Mode of Entry: It is crucial to highlight that the visa exemption outlined in this approval is specifically for Indian nationals entering Iran through the air border. Travelers entering through other modes of transportation may still be subject to visa requirements.

This visa-free initiative is anticipated to strengthen people-to-people connections and significantly promote tourism between Iran and India. The move is expected to facilitate easier travel for Indian tourists while encouraging a deeper understanding of the rich cultural heritage and historical significance of Iran. The announcement marks a positive step towards enhancing bilateral relations and fostering a spirit of mutual cooperation.

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