India has shaken off the label of the ‘sleeping giant’, says the Vice-President

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The Vice-President of India, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, today highlighted India’s remarkable growth story across all facets, stressing that India was no longer merely the nation defined by its potential, but had firmly established itself as a nation realising its potential. Addressing students at the 37th Convocation of the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in New Delhi today, the Vice-President told students that they were graduating into an India that had shaken off the label of the “sleeping giant”.

Underlining the enabling ecosystem in the country, he urged them to “seize this incredible momentum, harness the transparency, leverage the economic boom, and turn opportunities into personal masterpieces.”

Stating that “extraordinary infrastructural growth, widespread technology penetration, rapid pace of digitization and a commitment to transparent and accountable governance” were no longer buzzwords but ground reality, the Vice-President drew attention to India’s “economic vitality”. “Our resilient financial ecosystem, fuelled by an inclusive digital payment system, has become a global model; not only do we use it, we export it,” he elaborated.

Referring to the G20 Summit held in New Delhi as a testament to India’s leadership, the Vice-President made note of how India’s commitment to inclusivity and participation was now resonating globally. “From engaging all states and union territories across the nation to inducting the African Union as a G20 member and launching the Global Biofuel Alliance, India emerged as the voice of the Global South,” Shri Dhankhar said.

Reminding students that they were entering a world increasingly driven by new trends in disruptive technology, the Vice-President urged them to embrace such technologies to become “true footsoldiers of Bharat@2047”. Underscoring India’s dynamic startup culture that has garnered global attention, Shri Dhankhar noted, “some of the greatest innovations and breakthroughs have come from individuals who dared to think differently, who fearlessly challenged the status quo.”

Encouraging students to look beyond a narrow definition of success, the Vice-President urged them to explore the ‘vast landscape of possibilities’ that lay before them, and to prioritise collaboration over competition as the guiding principle. “Embrace your individuality, pursue your passions, and redefine success on your own terms,” he emphasised.

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