High Court grants one more month to enforce its  order

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By our  legal  correspondent

Kochi, July 10  (IVC)   The  Honorable  High Court of Kerala here on July 08  granted the State Government  one  more month  for  complying with its  order  to  hand over  Saint  Thomas  Syrian Church, Cherukunnam, Saint  Mary’s Syrian Church, Mangalam Dam (Palakkad)and  Saint  Mary’s O Syrian Church, Erickinchira , to  the  Orthodox faction vicars.

                When the  contempt  of  court  petitions against  the Government  for  not  implementing  the   court  directive came up  for  hearing , Justice V G Arun observed  that the Government needed to  work out  a  plan  of  action  for  implementing the verdict.  The  court  could  not  allow the  practice of police  personnel going up  to the  gate of  the churches and  returning after  some time.  The  country  was  governed  by the  rule  of  law  and the government was  bound  to  ensure that  rule  of  law prevailed in the State, the  justice said.

                The  court warned that if  the  Government would  not implement the order  in a  month, it  would  be   forced  to initiate contempt  of  court  proceedings. the government submitted  that it  was  working  on it  and  would come out  with  an  action plan.  It  was  not  able  to implement  the  court  order  due  to stiff resistance  from  a large gathering of  the  Jacobite  faction members  including women, children and the elderly.  Hence  the  police  could  not  use  force to remove  them.

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