“Dr Manmohan Singh will figure in every discussion of the democracy of our nation”: Prime Minister.

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The Prime Minister Narendra Modi today bid farewell to the retiring members of Rajya Sabha.

Delhi: Speaking on the occasion in Rajya Sabha, the Prime Minister said that Lok Sabha changes after every five years while Rajya Sabha gets a new life force every two years. Similarly, the Prime Minister said, the biennial farewell also leaves indelible memories and priceless legacy for the new members.

Remembering the contribution of Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister said, “Due to his long tenure guiding the house and the nation, he will figure in every discussion of the democracy of our nation”. The Prime Minister suggested that all Members of Parliament try to learn from the conduct of such distinguished members as they are the guiding lights. The Prime Minister remembered the former Prime Minister coming on wheel chair to vote in the House as an inspiring example of a member’s dedication to his duties. “I believe he came to impart strength to democracy”, the Prime Minister said. PM Modi conveyed his good wishes for his long and healthy life.

The Prime Minister said that the Members who are leaving for a more public platform will hugely benefit from the experience in Rajya Sabha. “This is a diverse university of six years, shaped by experiences. Any one who goes out from here goes enriched and strengthens the work of nation-building”, he said.

Marking the significance of the present moment, the Prime Minister said that the Members that are leaving today had the opportunity to be in both old and the new building and they are leaving bearing witness to the Amrit Kaal and 75 years of the Constitution.

Recalling the Covid Pandemic when uncertainties loomed large, the Prime Minister lauded the commitment of the Members for not letting any hindrance come in the way of the functioning of the House. He noted the huge risks undertaken by the Members of Parliament to fulfil their responsibilities. PM Modi also expressed deep grief for those Members who lost their lives to Coronavirus and said that the House accepted it with grace and continued to move forward.

Recalling an incident of black clothes being worn by the opposition, the Prime Minister noted that the country is scaling new highs of prosperity and that incident may be seen as an attempt to ward off evil eye by a ‘kala tika’ for the journey of the nation’s progress.

Quoting ancient scriptures, the Prime Minister explained that those who keep good company inculcate similar qualities, and those surrounded by bad company become flawed. He further added that water from a river remains worth drinking only when the river flows, and as soon as it meets the sea, it gets salty. With this belief, the Prime Minister concluded his address and said that the experience of the retiring members will continue to inspire everyone. He congratulated them and conveyed his best wishes.

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