Considerable  increase  in Devaswoms’ income  during the  last five  years

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By  our Religious  Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram, July   08 (IVC)    There  was a considerable increase in the   income  of the  various Devaswoms’ in the State for the last years, according to official sources.

                The  income  of  the  Guruvayur  Devaswom had gone up to Rs  485,57,36,010.92 during the  financial year  2023-24 from Rs 315,68,34,298.55  for  the 2019-20. The  income of the Travancore Devaswom Board  had a hike  of  Rs 691,13, 94,855  during the  fiscal 2023-24  from  Rs 570,67,45,190  in 2019-20. The  income  of the  Malabar Devaswom Board  touched to Rs 8,16,97,935 during  the  financial year  2023-24  as  against  Rs 4,07,89,912  in  2019-20, the  sources  added. The  income  of  the  Cochin Devaswom Board  touched   to  Rs  228,86,07,857   in   2022-23  from Rs  150,59,34,224   during  2018-19, the  sourcese   said.

                The  increase  in Devaswoms’  income  had  a  relief  for  the  State  Government  which  was  undergoing a  financial  stringency The  government had  granted Rs  90 crore  in 2020-21 to the Travancore Devaswo  Board .But  government had to pay to the devaswom only  Rs 16  lakhs  during the  fiscal 2023-24.

                The government had  granted  Rs 25  crore  to  the Cochin Devaswom Board  in  the  fiscal 2020-21  and by 2022-23    no  funds  required for the Devaswom from the  government. The  Guruvayur  Devaswom needed  no  financial  assistance from Government during the last five years, the  sources  added.

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