Budget 2024 expected to create jobs in tourism, deep tech, and infrastructure

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Delhi: The Indian government’s budget for 2024 has proposed an 11% increase in infrastructure spending, which is expected to create more jobs in sectors like tourism, deep tech, and construction.

Tourism: The budget allocates funds for the development of iconic tourist centers and branding them globally. The government also aims to increase domestic tourism by investing in port connectivity and tourism infrastructure. This is expected to create jobs in the hospitality sector.

Deep tech: The budget proposes a corpus of ₹1 lakh crore to provide long-term financing for research and innovation in sunrise sectors like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and robotics. This is expected to create jobs for highly skilled workers.

Infrastructure: The 11% increase in infrastructure spending is expected to generate jobs in construction, logistics, and other related sectors.

Overall, the budget has positive implications for job creation in various sectors. However, it remains to be seen how effectively the government implements its proposals.

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