Vandana’s father to  file revision petition in the Division Bench

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By  our  Legal  Correspondent

Kadathuruthy (Kottarakkara), Feb  9 (IVC)    The father of the murdered Dr  Vandana’s father , K G Mohandas  said that he would appeal in the Division Bench  of the Kerala  High Court against the dismissal  of the petition by the Single  Bench of the  Kkerala High Court on  Feb 06.

                The  High  Court  of Kerala  had dismissed  a plea by  the  parents of  Dr Vandana  Das , seeking a probe by  the  Central  bureau  of Investigation (CBI)  into  the murder of their daughter.

                The  court  refused  to entertain the  plea as it  felt  that the petitioners were  unable to  point out any specific reason  to doubt the integrity  or  credibility  of the police investigation.  There  was  no  reason  to  interfere   with  the  investigation already conducted  by  the  police or  transfer  the probe to  the  CBI, the  court  held.

                Vandana  Das succumbed  on May  10, 2023 to  the  injuries  suffered  in an  attack by Sandeep   who  was  brought  to  the  Kottarakkara  Taluk  hospital by  the  police.

                Mohandas  told  newsmen here  on Feb  07, that  there  was  every  reason  to  believe  that  there  was  a  conspiracy  behind  the  delay  in  giving  treatment  to his  daughter  on time. He alleged  that  his  injured  daughter was  taken  to  the  police   aid  post  of  the hospital  and  made her  to sit  there  for  a  long time and  only  after the arrival  of the  medicos oof  the  college  that Vandana  was  rushed  to  a  private  nursing  home  at  Kottarakkara.

                From there  the  injured was taken to Kims  hospital at Thiruvananthapuram , about  67   kms  from Kottarakkara.   It  took for one-and-a-half  hour to  arrive at  the  Kims  hoaspital  and normally, it  took for only 40  minutes drive, Mohandas added.

                Mohandas alleged  that a delay  of four-and-a-a-half  hours  occurred  in giving  treatment  to  his  daughter.

                The  High  Court  had  stated  while  dismissing  the  plea for CBI  investigation,  there  was  certain omission  on  the  part  of  the  police, Mohanda  added. The  police  personnel who  had accompanied the  accused Sandeep to  the  hospital where the young  woman was  attacked ,  there  was  no  allegation  of  any  direct involvement  of  any  police personnel  in the case.

                The  Assistant Sub-inspector of Police, the  Home Guard  or  the  police drive  who  had  brought  the  accused  to  the hospital  altogether  fled  from  the  scene  of  occurrence. It  was  a  dereliction of  duties on  the  part  of the  police  and security   has when the policemen  ran  to safety  for  their  self-defense.

                Mohandas  added  that  the  fatal  crime  was  committed  in the  presence of police and hence the investigation by the police would not  be  proper   and truth  could  not be  brought  out. Hence  the  plea  for  CBI  investigation.

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