Rajinikanth Backs Daughter, Clarifies “Sanghi” Remark Not Meant Negatively.

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Veteran actor Rajinikanth rose to defend his daughter Aishwarya’s recent statement at the Lal Salaam audio launch, where she asserted that he is not a “Sanghi.” Aishwarya’s comment had sparked discussions over the term’s usage and her father’s political leanings.

Speaking to reporters at Chennai airport, Rajinikanth distanced himself from the negative connotations associated with the word “Sanghi,” while clarifying his daughter’s intention. He stated in Tamil, “My daughter never said that Sanghi was a bad word. She only questioned why her father was being branded that way when he is into spirituality.”

Rajinikanth’s clarification attempts to shift the focus towards his spiritual beliefs and away from any political affiliation implied by the “Sanghi” label. Aishwarya, while addressing her father’s critics at the event, acknowledged her initial unfamiliarity with the term but firmly denied its applicability to Rajinikanth. “If he was, he wouldn’t have done a film like Lal Salaam,” she had argued.

The incident highlights the sensitivity surrounding political labels and their nuanced interpretations. Rajinikanth’s public clarification and Aishwarya’s earlier defense shed light on the family’s perspective, emphasizing their separation of spiritual pursuits from specific political ideologies. Whether this explanation satisfies the critics and puts the controversy to rest remains to be seen.

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