PM Modi’s Rajya Sabha Roast: Praying for Congress to Keep 40 Seats, Jibes at Kharge, Pitroda, and Rahul Gandhi!

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Prime Minister Modi took a swipe at Mallikarjun Kharge in the Rajya Sabha, referring to his ‘400 paar’ statement and Mamata Banerjee’s prediction that Congress may not cross 40 seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Modi humorously prayed that Congress keeps at least 40 seats. He ridiculed Kharge’s speech, suggesting that without the commanders (referring to senior Congress leaders), Kharge took advantage of the opportunity and scored political points.

Modi criticized the Congress party, pointing out its lack of consistency in leadership and principles. He highlighted the party’s historical decisions, including giving Bharat Ratna to family members and naming roads after them. Expressing disappointment in the degeneration of the Congress party, Modi questioned its historical choices, such as not changing Rajpath to Kartavya Path.

On the Congress’s demand for a caste census, Modi accused the party of being historically against the Dalit-Picchda-Adivasi communities. He read a translation of Pandit Nehru’s letter to chief ministers, where Nehru expressed reservations about reservations in jobs, suggesting that the Congress has changed its stance over time.

Modi also referred to Sam Pitroda, a Congress ‘margdarshak,’ criticizing him for downplaying Babasaheb Ambedkar’s role in the Constitution and highlighting Pitroda’s controversial ‘hua toh hua’ comment from the last election.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, Modi called him a nonstarter, stating that despite efforts to launch him as a political startup, he neither lifts nor launches. Modi expressed confidence in the third term of his government, envisioning Modi 3.0 to strengthen the foundation of a developed India. He emphasized the expansion of medical colleges, an increase in the number of doctors, and a reduction in treatment costs over the next five years.

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