Uttar Pradesh Teenager Survives Attempted Murder by Family Over Alleged Interaction with Boy

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Agra: In a shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh, a teenage girl from Aligarh narrowly escaped an attempt on her life by her family after being caught talking to a boy. The victim, a 16-year-old Class 9 student, was strangled and thrown into the Yamuna River by her father and uncle in Agra.

The incident came to light when the girl’s screams alerted villagers in the vicinity, leading to her rescue. An attempt-to-murder case has been registered against her father and uncle based on the victim’s complaint. Authorities are currently searching for the accused, who fled the scene after the attempted murder.

According to the police, the teenager revealed to child welfare officials that her father had discovered her talking to a male friend. Subsequently, he had been pressuring her for marriage, but she refused. In response, her father allegedly attempted to kill her.

The chilling incident unfolded when the girl’s father took her on a motorcycle, claiming they were heading to a nearby village or Gurugram, where he was employed in a private firm. However, upon reaching the pontoon bridge over the Yamuna, the father and uncle joined forces in an attempt to strangle her with a muffler. The assailants then threw her into the river before making a swift escape, as detailed by Girish Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fatehabad.

Hearing the victim’s desperate cries, nearby villagers rushed to her aid. Divers present on the river bank promptly jumped into the water and successfully pulled her ashore, preventing a tragic outcome.

As the investigation unfolds, the survivor has been placed in a shelter home, and authorities are actively pursuing the apprehension of the accused. This disturbing incident sheds light on the alarming consequences of societal attitudes towards relationships and the lengths to which some individuals may go in the name of family honor.

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