Political Turmoil in Bihar as Nitish Kumar Inches Closer to JD(U) and RJD Break-Up

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In a dramatic turn of events, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar appears on the brink of severing ties with his alliance partner RJD, prompting speculation of a significant political shake-up in the state. As the political crisis unfolds, RJD leader Tejashwi Prasad Yadav maintains a strategic distance, emphasizing the party’s commitment to its promises and achievements.

Tejashwi Prasad Yadav convened a meeting with RJD MLAs, urging them to focus on showcasing their accomplishments to the public. He emphasized the need to dissociate the party from Nitish Kumar’s decision to potentially break the alliance, asserting that it is Nitish who is “deserting” the partnership. Tejashwi instructed his MLAs not to take any actions that could be interpreted as forcing Nitish’s hand, emphasizing a narrative that places the blame squarely on the Chief Minister.

Addressing his legislators, Tejashwi stressed, “We will go to the people and tell them how we were moving in the direction of keeping our promises of giving 10 lakh jobs.” Despite internal debates within the RJD, with some members favoring withdrawal of support to the government, Tejashwi is resolute in avoiding actions that could paint the RJD as the instigator.

The political arithmetic reveals a delicate balance, with the RJD (79), Congress (19), and Left parties (16) collectively holding 114 MLAs, eight short of a majority in the 243-member house. On the other side, JD(U) with 45 MLAs and BJP with 78 MLAs, along with the support of one Independent legislator, constitute a combined strength of 124 MLAs.

A senior RJD leader emphasized, “We will not give Nitish Kumar any excuse. He is deserting us. We are not to blame for anything. Nor are we going to stake claim to form the government. We will wait for Nitish to falter on his own.”

As tensions escalate, the JD(U) launched a frontal attack on the RJD, accusing its leadership of restlessness and pointing to alleged failures in recent appointments. Simultaneously, the BJP, in a pre-scheduled meeting, discussed the evolving political conditions, reportedly accepting the condition of Nitish Kumar continuing as Chief Minister with two deputy CMs from the BJP.

The unfolding situation raises crucial questions about the political landscape in Bihar and the potential realignment of alliances as the state braces for a period of uncertainty and political maneuvering.

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