PM Modi slams glorification of corrupt leaders, calls it an insult to judiciary and Constitution.

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In a veiled attack on opposition parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized the public glorification of corrupt leaders, calling it an insult to the judiciary, executive, and Constitution. He made these remarks during a video message at the All India Presiding Officers’ Conference.

Modi specifically mentioned the situation in Bihar, where the RJD led by Lalu Prasad, who has faced corruption convictions, is part of the ruling alliance. He urged presiding officers to discuss how to maintain decorum in legislatures and avoid situations where members are publicly supported despite facing corruption charges.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the importance of efficient legislatures in today’s scenario, where citizens are increasingly vigilant and scrutinize every representative. He emphasized the need for reviewing and improving the working culture of legislative bodies and committees.

Modi further touched upon the passage of the Women’s Reservation Bill and called for increased efforts to empower women in politics. He also praised the central government’s efforts to repeal redundant laws and urged presiding officers to identify and remove unnecessary laws in their states.

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