Pakistani Cricketer Shoaib Malik Marries Actress Sana Javed Amid Divorce Rumors with Sania Mirza

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In a surprising turn of events, former Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik announced his marriage to actress Sana Javed on Saturday, sending shockwaves through the cricketing and entertainment worlds. This news comes amidst ongoing rumors of his separation from Indian tennis star Sania Mirza.

Malik took to Instagram to share the news, posting pictures from his wedding ceremony with Sana and captioning it simply, “Alhamdullilah. And We created you in pairs.” The announcement quickly went viral, sparking a flurry of reactions and speculation.

This development adds another layer to the already complex saga of Malik and Mirza’s relationship. The couple, who tied the knot in 2012 and have a son together, have been dogged by rumors of trouble in paradise for several months. Mirza’s recent cryptic Instagram story, which read “Divorce is hard,” only fueled the speculation.

Despite the ongoing rumors, Malik and Mirza had recently celebrated a special occasion together. Their son Izhaan won a medal in a swimming competition, and both parents shared the news on their social media accounts. This had led some to believe that the couple might be reconciling.

However, Malik’s sudden marriage to Sana Javed has now put those hopes to rest. Sana, a renowned actress in Pakistan, was previously married to singer Umair Jaswal, but the couple divorced in 2020.

The news of Malik and Javed’s wedding has left fans stunned and curious about the future of Malik and Mirza’s relationship. Only time will tell what the next chapter holds for this high-profile couple.

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