No  plan for tranquilizing the wild elephant  again today at Mananthavady

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By  our  special correspondent

Mananthavady (Wynad)  Feb 12 (IVC)  No  plans for tranquilizing the  wild elephant  at Manantha vady  in the Wynad District  again today  and the efforts to  shoot  the elephant  with Captor-gun  would be started tomorrow early  morning, official sources  said.

                Operation by Rapid  Response Team (RRT)  of  the  forest department  today being the third  day  to capture  Belur Makhna , a  tusk less  wild elephant  that  killed  a 45-year-old  farmer  at Chaligaddha near  here  on Feb 10,  proved futile.    Though the  forest  officials  shot the  Captor-gun  at  the  wicked  elephant  to tranquilize  it  and  bring  under  control was not successful, the Chief  Conservator of forests said here.

The  efforts  of  RRT   to bring the elephant under control stopped  today  as  the  elephant moved  to the bog  of the forest  at Mannundy  and  it was not safe to apply  the Captor-gun  at the bog of  the  forest,  the official sources added that  the area where the elephant stood was the human beings habitation zone.

                The  elephant  was not  in a stationary  position  at the bog of the thick forest  and it was in a moving position in the forest, the  sources said. 

                The  enraged  public continue their protest against the inaction on the part of the  appropriate authorities.

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