NIT Professor Shyja Aundavan Supports Godse’s Views, Sparks Controversy

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Kozhikode: Professor Shyja Aundavan, a professor at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), has stirred controversy by expressing support for Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, in a Facebook comment. Shyja Aundavan, known for his outspoken views, shared her admiration for Godse in response to a post praising Godse’s actions.

In her comment, Shyja mentioned reading the book “Why I Killed Gandhi” and stated that Indians need to know the facts presented in it. Shyja pointed out various achievements by Godse and emphasized that many truths about Gandhi’s assassination are still unknown to the public.

Shyja’s controversial remarks have sparked outrage on social media, with many condemning her stance on Godse and questioning her academic position. Users highlighted the sensitivity of the subject and criticized Shyja for promoting views that go against the principles of non-violence and national unity.

The professor has not commented on the specific accusations against her, but she has previously expressed unconventional opinions on various issues. Shyja’s comments are being closely watched, and the controversy has prompted discussions on academic freedom, responsible expression, and the limits of expressing personal views, especially on sensitive historical events.

It remains to be seen how the National Institute of Technology and relevant authorities will respond to this situation, considering the potential implications for the institution’s reputation and the values it upholds.

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