Myanmar Army Plane Crashes at Mizoram Airport, Injuring 6.

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On Tuesday, a Myanmar Army plane crash-landed at Mizoram’s Lengpui airport, injuring six of the 14 people on board, including the pilot. The aircraft, which had come to pick up Myanmarese soldiers who had recently entered India, veered off the runway and sustained damage. This incident occurred on the same day that India repatriated 184 Myanmarese soldiers who had fled to Mizoram last week following clashes with an ethnic insurgent group. A total of 276 soldiers had crossed the border, and the remaining 92 were expected to be sent back on Tuesday.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation, but it highlights the ongoing tensions in the region. The Myanmarese military has been engaged in a brutal conflict with ethnic minority groups for decades, and the spillover of this violence into India has raised concerns about regional stability.

The Indian government has called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Myanmar and has urged both sides to exercise restraint. However, the situation remains volatile, and the crash of the Myanmar Army plane is a reminder of the potential for further escalation.

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