Maldives Prepares for Impeachment as Pro-China President Faces Backlash

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MALE, Maldives – Tensions are at a boiling point in the Maldives as President Mohamed Muizzu, known for his staunch pro-China stance, faces potential impeachment. The main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), holding a majority in parliament, has secured enough signatures to move forward with the motion, raising concerns about political instability in the island nation.

Muizzu, who ascended to power in November on an “India Out” campaign platform, has drawn sharp criticism for his shift in foreign policy. His demand for India’s military withdrawal by March and review of past agreements with New Delhi have deeply worried the MDP and the Democrats, who believe such alienation of a key development partner would harm the Maldives’ long-term prosperity.

This simmering discontent erupted into chaos last week. Parliament descended into physical altercations during a crucial vote on Muizzu’s cabinet appointments, showcasing the deep divide within the government. After further failed attempts to reach a resolution, the MDP called for heightened security, with images of police reinforcements circulating online.

News of the potential impeachment adds another layer to the volatile political landscape. While the motion needs 38 signatures to proceed, it has already garnered 34, inching closer to the threshold. As Muizzu’s pro-China policies face mounting pressure, the Maldives braces for a potentially turbulent political showdown with uncertain consequences for both the nation and its regional alliances.

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