Land Record Distribution: 31,499 People Become Landowners in Kerala

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala: In a significant move towards achieving the goal of a landless Kerala, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the Land Record Distribution program at the Thekkinkadu Maitanam. The Chief Minister emphasized that providing land to those without it was a top priority for the government.
The mega initiative aims to distribute land titles to eligible individuals, ensuring that they have legal ownership of the land they cultivate. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated that the government is committed to resolving the land-related issues and facilitating the necessary permissions and records for the beneficiaries. This simultaneous effort of conducting surveys, granting approvals, and recording the land ownership is expected to expedite the process.
The distribution covers a range of needs, including agricultural, residential, commercial, educational, and healthcare purposes. The government has taken steps to ensure a systematic and transparent distribution process to reach those who are eligible. The beneficiaries will have access to the land records through the upcoming integrated online portal.
Minister for Revenue K. Rajan has been appointed as the Chairman of the Land Record Distribution program. The initiative is set to distribute a total of 31,499 land titles across the state, with each district receiving a share based on specific criteria.
In Thrissur district alone, 3,922 land titles were distributed, contributing to the overall goal of ensuring that everyone has access to land and property. Various dignitaries, including Minister K Radhakrishnan, M.L.A P. Balachandran, V.R Sunilkumar, and district officials like Collector V.R. Krishna Teja, played pivotal roles in the distribution ceremony.
The government’s commitment to addressing land-related issues and promoting inclusive land distribution has received positive responses from political representatives and citizens alike. The Land Record Distribution program is seen as a critical step towards ensuring social and economic empowerment for the people of Kerala.

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