It is soothing to note that the privileged pedigree has been made accountable to rule of law – Vice President.,

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The Vice President, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar today noted that the privileged pedigree has been compulsively made accountable to the rule of law while cautioning that “there is bound to be resistance to it.” Mentioning that some people, by upbringing or otherwise, are used to being treated very differently and assured some kind of immunity from the law, Shri Dhankhar questioned why they should take to streets when they find “the rule of law coming so close to them, making them accountable in a normal process?”

Describing adherence to the rule of law as the nectar of democracy, VP stressed that a democracy has no meaning at all if there is no equality before the law. Expressing happiness over the transformative change seen in the last few years he noted that now everyone is amenable to law. “If in a society, when someone gets away by engaging in transgression of law, he is a sole beneficiary but the entire society suffers,” he further emphasized. Addressing the gathering after releasing the book “The Law and Spirituality: Reconnecting the Bond” by Prof.  Raman Mittal and Dr. Seema Singh, at the Vice President’s Enclave today, the Vice President described Bharat as the “spiritual centre of the world.” He further stated that Bharat, with its civilization of 5000 years, has continually disseminated the message of ‘Dharma’ and ‘Spiritualism’ to the world through its timeless scriptures, philosophical treatises, and cultural practices. Referring to this hard earned legacy, VP expressed the need for everyone to reflect how we can sustain our age-old legacy. Mentioning that he had made a suggestion to the Parliamentary Affairs Ministers to make available copies of Vedas to every parliamentarian Vedas, Shri Dhankhar remarked, “Trust me, having Vedas by your bedside will do a lot of good to humanity because the human beings who taste the Vedas will speak out of their souls, not out of  mind or heart. When one speaks out of mind, they are dominated by rationality; when one speaks out of heart, they are dominated by emotive aspect, but when there is a soul convergent, the things are very different.”

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