India at the Dawn of a Golden Age: President Murmu Calls for Unity and Innovation

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In a stirring address on the eve of India’s 75th Republic Day, President Droupadi Murmu declared the nation to be standing at the threshold of an “epochal transformation” – the Amrit Kaal, the period leading to the centenary of independence. Exuding optimism, she urged citizens to embrace this golden opportunity and contribute their best towards making India a developed nation by 2047.

President Murmu emphasized the importance of adhering to the fundamental duties enshrined in the Constitution, calling them essential obligations for every citizen. Echoing Mahatma Gandhi’s words, she stressed that a nation’s rise comes not from focusing on rights alone, but from a strong sense of duty.

Looking ahead, the President acknowledged the immense potential of technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, but also recognized the challenges they pose. She emphasized the need for embracing these changes while ensuring responsible and inclusive development.

President Murmu placed special emphasis on the role of youth in shaping India’s future. She urged for removing all hurdles in their path and allowing them to unleash their full creative potential. “What they want is equality of opportunity. What they want is not the same old rhetoric of equality, but the realisation of our cherished ideal of equality,” she stated.

Recognizing the architects of India’s future, President Murmu expressed gratitude to the nation’s farmers, laborers, armed forces, police, and civil servants. She also extended greetings to the judiciary, civil services, and the Indian diaspora community, calling on everyone to dedicate themselves to serving the nation.

President Murmu’s address painted a picture of an India brimming with hope and possibility. It served as a call to action, urging all citizens to come together, embrace their duties, and contribute towards building a brighter future for the nation in this auspicious Amrit Kaal.

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