Four hundred and three  Indian students abroad  dead

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By  Our  Special Correspondent

New Delhi, Feb 11 (IVC)    In all 403 Indian students studying in foreign universities   of various   foreign  countries   died  in a period of five years.  Besides,  24,000  Indian students studying abroad were forced to return home without completing   their studies abroad in a period of three years,  the   official sources   said   The latest  case of death  was  the body  of a Hyderabad native Sreyas Reddy was  found  on February  02  at  Ohio  in the USA, the sources said.  

                The reasons attributed  by  the official sources to  the  deaths were   accidents, natural death, unhealthy condition of the students and murder  etc.   

                The number of students studying abroad  dead  are : Canada  (91),  UK (48),  Russia (40), Cypress(14)  and Italy  and Philippines each 10  students, the sources added that  only  34  countries’  position  announced. Canada  was on top of  the number of Indian students dead. The Union Government had rendered  all possible assistance to bring back the students in trouble abroad safely  to India, the sources said.

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