Delhi High Court recalls its order to terminate pregnancy.

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By Our  legal Correspondent

New  Delhi, Jan 24 (IVC)   The  Honorable High  Court  of Delhi  on January 23  has  recalled its  January 04 order  granting permission  to  a widow  to  terminate  her 29-week-old pregnancy , as  against the statutory  limit  of  20  weeks  for  termination of pregnancy.

                The permission  was granted  by the  High  Court  as  the woman was  going  through “immense  trauma” and showing “suicidal  trendies” after the death  of her  husband, the court  observed.  The  court  said  the 26-year-old-woman  who  is into  32  weeks of gestation  can go  to either  the  All  India  Institute  of  Medical Sciences (AIIMS)   or any Central  or State  hospital  to undergo delivery.   

“If  the petitioner (woman) is inclined to  give  the newborn child in  adoption,  then  as  suggested by Aishwarya Bhat, Additional Solicitor-General, the  Union of  India shall  ensure  that  the  process of  adoption  takes  place  at  the  earliest and  in  a  smooth fashion”,  the  court  ordered.  

                Ms  Bhatia assured  the court that the Centre would  give  all  assistance  and pay  all medical costs  and other incidental charges  of  delivery.  The  court  rejected the  contention of  the  woman that the AIIMS  must  be  directed to  go  ahead  with  the feticide.

                The court   passed the order  on  a plea by  both the  Centre  and the AIIMS, urging  the  court to  consider protecting the  right to  life  of  the  unborn child so  that  the  child has  a  fair chance of  survival.          

                The  AIIMS, where the woman was  examined, later submitted a  report to  the court, saying, “Feticide , in  this  case, is  neither  justified nor ethical as  the  fetus is  grossly  normal.” The Medical  Board at the AIIMS said the Psychological Assessment Report  of  the woman is suggestive of a normal individual as  like others.  The report  also  indicated  that the woman is suffering from depression.       It further said the psychiatrist who  has  evaluated the  woman has  not  given any  report suggesting that  the  ongoing pregnancy and  delivery will  cause  a grave injury to her mental health, which  is necessary  for  giving  permission for termination of  pregnancy exceeding 20  weeks.

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