Blockbuster Entry: Tamil Star Vijay Unveils ‘Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam’ for 2026 Political Showdown

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Chennai, February 2, 2024: Popular Tamil actor Vijay has officially entered the political arena by launching his own political party, named ‘Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam.’ In a statement released on Friday, Vijay expressed his commitment to fully engage in politics after fulfilling his existing film commitments. The actor, who has a massive fan following in Tamil Nadu, considers this move as a “debt of gratitude” to the people of the state.

Vijay has been elected as the president of the newly-formed party. He clarified that the party has decided not to contest or support any political party in the upcoming general elections in 2024. Instead, the primary objective of Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam is to participate and win in the 2026 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, with the aim of bringing about the political change desired by the people.

In his statement, Vijay emphasized that politics is not just another profession but a sacred service, and he has been preparing for his political debut for a long time. The application for the registration of the party was submitted on Friday at the Election Commission headquarters in New Delhi. Vijay’s associates are currently awaiting the registration process to be completed.

Highlighting the need for political change in the state, Vijay mentioned the obstacles hindering unity and progress, such as administrative malpractices, corrupt politics, and divisive political culture based on caste and religion. He stressed the importance of a selfless, transparent, caste and religion-free, visionary, and corruption-free administration, which he believes can be achieved through fundamental political change.

The actor-turned-politician spoke about the long-standing social service he has been involved in through his fan club and stated that political power is essential to bring about significant socio, economic, and political reforms. The party’s general council and executive committee, on January 25, approved the election of the president, headquarters office bearers, and bylaws.

Vijay concluded by stating that once the Election Commission officially recognizes the party and the 2024 general elections conclude, Tamilaga Vettri Kazhagam will unveil its principles, flag, symbol, and action plans through public meetings, marking the commencement of its political journey. The actor expressed his intention to support the people of Tamil Nadu, who have supported him throughout his career, and contribute to the state’s progress and development.

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