Amit Shah participates in the discussion in the Lok Sabha today under Rule 193 on the construction of the historic Ram Temple and the consecration of Ram Lala.

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Delhi: Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Amit Shah participated in the discussion in the Lok Sabha today under Rule 193 on the construction of the historic Ram Temple and the consecration of Shri Ram Lala. Shri Amit Shah said that today he wants to present thoughts of his heart and voice of the people of the country in this House, which was suppressed in the court documents for years and got expression after Shri Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. He said that 22 January 2024 is going to be a historic day for ten thousand years. Shri Shah said that January 22 marks the end of the struggle and movement against injustice that started in 1528. He said that 22 January is the day of aspiration and accomplishment of crores of devotees of Lord Ram, the renaissance of spiritual consciousness of entire India and the beginning of the journey of a Great India. He said that 22 January is the day to pave the way for Maa Bharati (India) to become a Vishwa Guru (Teacher of the world). He expressed gratitude to all the warriors who fought for Shri Ram Temple from 1528 to 2024.

​The Union Home Minister said that India cannot be imagined without Lord Ram and Ram Charitra and those who want to get acquainted, know and feel this country, cannot do so without Lord Ram and Ramcharit Manas. He said that Lord Ram’s character and Lord Ram is the soul of the people of this country. He said that those who imagine India without Lord Ram do not know India and they represent our era of slavery. Shri Shah added that Lord Ram is not a person, but a symbol of crores of people on how to live an ideal life, that is why he is called Maryada Purushottam. He said that Ram Rajya is not for any particular religion or sect, rather it is a symbol of what an ideal state should be like, not only for India but for the entire world. Shri Shah said that the work of re-establishing Lord Ram and Lord Ram’s character has been done by the hands of Prime Minister Modi on 22 January.

Shri Amit Shah said that we are all among those fortunate people who wanted to see the Ram Temple in Ayodhya since 1528. He said that Indian culture and the Ramayana cannot be seen separately. In many languages, regions, and religions, the Ramayana has been mentioned, translated, and its traditions and work have been done to make it the basis of national consciousness. He said that many countries have accepted the Ramayana and recognised it as an ideal epic. He said that on January 22, the nation’s wish was fulfilled from the hands of Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Shri Shah said that the legal battle had been going on since 1858, and it ended after 330 years, today Ram Lalla is in his house.

The Union Home Minister said that the history of Ram Janmabhoomi is very long, and many kings, saints, organisations, and legal experts have contributed to it. He said that Prime Minister Modi ji performed the Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Setu and performed the consecration of Shri Ram Lalla. Shri Shah added that even before this movement gained momentum in 1990, his party had made this promise to the people of the country. He said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji does whatever he says. He said that the decision of the Supreme Court has shown the secular character of India to the whole world. 

Shri Amit Shah said that the fight for Ram Janmabhoomi continued from 2014 to 2019, lakhs of pages were translated and then in 2019, Modi ji again became the Prime Minister. After the court’s decision, Modi ji laid its foundation on August 5, 2019. He said that in this movement, crores of people took their wish and devotion to Ayodhya in a constitutional and peaceful manner. He said that Ashok Singhal ji took this journey to its extreme, Advani ji created public awareness and Narendra Modi ji awakened a spiritual consciousness by fulfilling the aspirations of the people. This entire movement will be seen as a democratic value that how a country kept pleading patiently in the Supreme Court for so long to fulfill the religious beliefs of its majority society and after the decision of the Supreme Court, it is fulfilled in a harmonious atmosphere. 

The Union Home Minister said that during the judgement of the Supreme Court and the construction of Ram temple, many people said that there will be violence in the country, but Narendra Modi ji is the Prime Minister of this country. Modi ji’s visionary thinking also converted the court’s judgement into an order of the apex court acceptable to all instead of victory or defeat. He said that when invited to perform Bhoomi Pujan after the construction, Modi ji kept a difficult fast for 11 days. Shri Shah said that the Prime Minister performed consecration by not sleeping on the bed for 11 days, drinking only coconut water and immersing in the devotion of Lord Ram. He said that the Bhakti movement is not new in India. He added that in the thousands of years long cultural and political history of India, a leader has shown the qualities of leadership.

Shri Amit Shah said that many important results have been achieved in the last 10 years under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Earlier there was a government with policy paralysis and today by making many policies, Modi ji has taken India’s economy from 11th position to 5th in the world. Shri Shah said that when China tampered with our border like in 1962, India stood firm under the leadership of Modi ji. He said that when terrorist attacks took place in Poonch and Pulwama, Modi ji demonstrated bravery of leadership by carrying out surgical strikes and air strikes and also retaliated by entering their places. He said that when thousands of children were stressed during exams, Modi ji showed leadership like a father and did Pariksha pe Charcha to discuss exams phobia.  Thereafter, when the opportunity came for Ram temple, like a monk and a devotee, he created an environment of spiritual consciousness in a proud manner.

The Union Home Minister said that this country needed such leadership for a very long time. He said that 140 crore people of the country ended all the challenges of the country by electing Shri Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. He said that the construction of Ram Temple is a wonderful example of social unity and cultural renaissance by connecting the entire society. Shri Shah said that the Ram temple built in Ayodhya is the victory of development over demolition and spirituality and devotion over religious bigotry.

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