A practicing advocate files a complaint against the Munsif Court Judge here.

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By  our  legal  Correspondent

Thrissur,  Feb  15  (IVC)  A  practicing advocate  here  has submitted  a complaint against  the Thrissur  Munsiff  Court  judge   with  the Registrar-General  of the High Court  of  Kerala   for wrongly  interpreting   English language   and deciding  in favor of the litigants out  of  the  way.

                It  had  been  stated in the  complaint  dated February  08, 2024   by  the  advocate  that if the Judicial  officer  continued   to misconstrue English   language,  the concerned judicial  officer  would be  a danger to the judiciary.  Hence  the   advocate   prayed  for  the  Registrar-General   to direct the   concerned  judicial  officer   to  improve English  standard.

                It  had  also  been stated in the complaint that  the concerned judicial  officer was  in  the  practice   of making  visits   to pilgrim centers at the expenses  of  the parties  to whom  she had shown favors  in her  judgments.  It  is  tantamount  to accepting bribe. It  is,  therefore, prayed  your  Honor   to look  into the matter and do what is necessary In the matter  at the earliest. 

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