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You can now delete unused devices from your Netflix account

With Netflix, you may now sign out of certain devices that are connected to your account. The function, which is currently mostly available on iOS and Android, displays which devices are actively utilising the service, and if there are any oddities, such as freeloaders or unwelcome users, you can easily dismiss them by tapping the Sign Out button.

The feature is found in the Account Settings menu, and then in the Security & Privacy section is the Manage access and devices feature.

It would be simple to determine which person is sharing their membership with others in any typical situation.

In order to combat password sharing, Netflix has taken yet another step, and it appears that it anticipates users to take the initiative before the platform intervenes. Additionally, the feature is now only accessible via mobile devices; we don’t know when PC users, TV apps, or other platforms will be able to use it.

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