WTI  saves 42,000 animal  lives

By  Our Environment  Correspondent

Noida, Nov  09  (IVC)    The  Wildlife  Trust  of India (WTI)   has  so far saved  over 42,000 animal lives as part of its various conservation projects,  Arinita Sandilya, Manager Marketing and Communications  said in a statement here yesterday.

                The  main objective  of the trust,  established  in 11998,  has  been  to create awareness among fishermen  encouraging them  to release  any entangled Whale  sharks  that may encounter and over the years, this initiative  has yielded  impressive  results  with fishermen  successfully  liberating seven  Whale  Sharks  ensnared  in their nets  along  the Kerala  coast,  the statement added.

                WTI  was  established  with  a view  to  conserving nature, especially  endangered species and threatened habitat in collaboration with communities a d governments.

                Since 2018, the Trust has  been actively engaged in Whale  Shark conservation  efforts along  the  coastlines of  Kerala, Karnataka  ad Lakshadweep.   Besides  saving forty  -two  thousand   animal lives  in 25  years, WTI  has trained  and equipped  20,000  frontline  forest  staff and  rendered  assistance  to Government in creating  7 Protects  Areas, sensitized  25  lakh children  to conservation, protected almost  1200  of natural  habitat including mangroves and coral reefs  and rendered help  to enforcement  agencies  in combatting wildlife crimes, the statement added.                 Marine Specialist of the WTI, Sajan  John said “The ‘Save the  Whale  Shark Campaign’ has  an  overarching objective of fostering  conservation awareness about  these  remarkable creatures  among marine fishermen , local communities and students.  Central  to this mission  is the  reduction  of accidental entanglements in the fishing  nets , thereby  facilitating  the release  of  whale sharks  back  inti their natural  habitat.  To  support these  efforts,  a  dedicated mobile  application  has  been developed  to  record  instances  of  whale  shark sightings  and  successful rescue missions, thereby  informing future  conservation strategies”.

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