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With India’s captain Sunil Chhetri, FIFA introduces its “Special Series”

Sunil Chhetri, the captain of India, is a unique legend in Indian football. Since the team is still trying to establish itself on the international stage, not many players have received significant recognition. Not to mention, Chhetri ranks third all-time in goals scored for an international football team. FIFA has since paid tribute to the captain of India with a three-part series on its official website.

In terms of the series, it begins with the journey of the player ranked 68 in the world. His teenage angst, personal and professional life, and the people who have supported him are also highlighted in the series. The show is called “Kick Off | Captain Fantastic.” The title alone accords the Bengaluru FC player honour and recognition. The photo was shared by the World Football Governing body.

You already know about Ronaldo and Messi, so read the indisputable account of the third-highest active men’s international scorer.

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