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Wild animal attacks: Special teams stationed in high-risk areas

The Forest Department has established special teams to expedite response times in areas that frequently encounter assaults by wild animals (hotspots). The Northern Circle has deployed the special teams to Aralam in the Kannur division, Pulpally in the South Wayanad division, Thirunelly in the North Wayanad division, and Pandi in the Kasaragod division.

In order to coordinate and address problems resulting from assaults by wild animals, the government issued an order in December designating the Circle Chief Forest Conservators as nodal officers at the circle level in the Forest department. To handle the issue, these nodal officers put together special squads. The order has been issued, according to A.K. Saseendran, Minister for Forests, in all five of the State’s circles.

The special teams will operate in all areas vulnerable to assaults by wild animals, despite their bases being in hotspots that have been recognised.

The head of the special team will be the Divisional Forest Officer. The team will include a wildlife warden, an assistant warden, a range officer, a deputy range officer, beat forest officers, and watchers. Larger teams with representatives from various areas have been formed to give wild animal attacks additional attention.

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