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Widespread rain likely in the state for next five days

According to the Central Meteorological Department, Kerala could experience extensive rain for the next five days. These days, isolated locations may experience strong rain, thunder, and lightning.

According to the State Disaster Management Authority, preparations must be taken as soon as clouds are first visible and should not be delayed because lightning is not yet visible.

If you spot lightning, keep away from standing in open spaces. Doors and windows should be shut. Appliances should have their electrical connections disconnected. Avoid being close to electrical devices.

During thunderstorms, it is risky to sit on the terrace, on high places, or on tree branches. Flying kites should be avoided. Don’t allow kids play outside on terraces or in open areas when it’s cloudy.

A lightning victim has no electric current flowing through their body. If someone has been struck by lightning, they should seek medical attention right once.

Do not go down to the water body to fish or take a bath. Motorists should remain inside their vehicles during thunderstorms as they are safer inside. The State Disaster Management Authority also warns against using vehicles like tractors, bikes, and bicycles for transportation.

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