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Widespread rain in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta

The state is still seeing sporadic heavy downpours, but several areas are experiencing catastrophic flooding. Since previous night, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam have had widespread rain. Pathanamthitta is experiencing overflowing small streams. The town of Chungapara has become severely waterlogged.

In various areas of the Kottayam district, heavy rains have resulted in extensive devastation. The district’s low-lying parts were flooded. The local government has issued a warning that monitoring in steep regions should resemble an orange alert. Nedumkunnam, Manthuruthy, Manimala, Pampady, and Karukachal regions are affected by water-logging.

Roadways were inundated. In Manimala Ponthanpuzha, a house was damaged by a landslide. Pampadi saw rainfall that was orange alert. Floods start to happen here after fifteen years. It is now raining. In the event of significant rainfall in the district through September 1, the district administration has issued a high alert. The collector advised that in the mountainous terrain, caution in the manner of the orange alert should be taken.

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