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Why excursion in tourist buses when there is KSRTC?: Ranjini

Early yesterday morning, a bus accident that shook all of Kerala occurred in Vadakancheri. Five kids, a teacher, and a sportsperson were among the nine people murdered when a tourist bus that was taking a school excursion collided with a KSRTC bus. The tourist bus driver has been charged with manslaughter in connection with the event.

Actress Ranjini has now addressed the situation in a statement. Ranjini questions how it is feasible to disobey the law and board buses in her Facebook post, as well as why the excursions are held in private buses when there are KSRTC buses available.

Words of Ranjini;

“I still don’t understand why private buses are plying on our roads with prohibited sirens and lights despite strict laws.

When travelling for leisure from schools, colleges, and universities, please take gov’t KSRTC buses. Risks will be decreased, which will be a comfort for the struggling KSRTC. Ranjini also inquired as to the status of the 2018-launched KTDC bus project.

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