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Vizhinjam strike; The Archdiocese of Latin provides support

Regarding the Vizhinjam port strike, the Latin Archdiocese has hardened its stance. The letter from Archbishop Thomas J. Neto will be read in churches today during mass because of the significance of the struggle. The circular advises continuing the fight and avoiding falling for attempts to retaliate or split the group.

Ministers V Abdurahman and Antony Raju will meet today to talk about the issue concurrently. The strike committee’s top brass may then meet with the ministers. The ministers have been told by the chief minister to come to a decision quickly. The demonstration and blockade will be held today, the thirteenth day of the port strike, under the direction of the parishes of Shanthipuram, Pudukkuruchi, Thazhampalli, and Poothura.

At the same time, the Kerala Latin Catholic Bishops’ Committee demanded a transparent and scientific investigation into the causes and effects of coastal erosion following the development of the Vizhinjam Port in Thiruvananthapuram. The port’s construction is to blame for the recent damage to the shores of Kovalam, Shankhumukham, Poonthura, and Valiyathura. Additionally, the bishops’ committee in Kochi urged that the port’s construction be halted until these effects are addressed. According to the meeting, Thiruvananthapuram Archdiocese’s battles have the full backing of the Latin Church.

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