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Vizhinjam Strike: Protesters surround the port today

Today, as the Vizhinjam strike reaches its fourteenth day, both land way and sea way fishermen will swarm the port. This is the protesters’ second marine strike. Boats carrying protesters from the parishes of Shanthipuram, Pudukkuruchi, Thazhampalli, and Poothura will arrive at the port. To welcome those at sea, other people will jump the barriers and join the project area. This is how the conflict is set up.

A final decision, which may involve moving individuals in the relief camp to rented homes, will be made after meetings with the protesters by the cabinet subcommittee today. Confusion caused the government meeting to be postponed yesterday. The striking committee was then handed the formal notice.

Today, the Archdiocese will go before the High Court to join the Adani Group’s claim for police protection during the Vizhinjam strike. The archdiocese will submit a petition asking for the right to be heard by the court in the protesters’ case.

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