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Vizhinjam port construction cannot be stopped: CM

The Latin Archdiocesan authorities neglected to engage in negotiations with Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in light of the ongoing demonstrations against the Vizhinjam port project. During the conversation, the Chief Minister made it clear that the port’s construction cannot be halted. Vicar General Eugene Perera and Archbishop Thomas J. Neto took part in the conversation.

The discussion was held at Cliff House at three o’clock in the evening. The discussion with the Chief Minister was held today after the two discussions with the Fisheries Minister failed. At the same time, the fishermen remained firm in their demand to stop the construction of the port.

The Chief Minister made it clear in the Assembly the day before that the work could not be stopped. Fishermen in the project region continued their 10-day strike against the Vizhinjam port project.

In the interim, the Adani Group petitioned the High Court for protection from the government forces. A petition has also been submitted by the port construction contracting firm. The petition claims that the demonstrators vandalized a lot of project-related materials.

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