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Vande Bharat Train running over woman in Gujarat on its way to Mumbai

Tuesday afternoon, a semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Express train struck a 54-year-old woman near Anand in Gujarat, killing her, according to Railway Police.
Beatrice Archibald Peter, the victim, was crossing the track close to the Anand railway station when the incident happened at 4:37 pm, according to a local police official. Archibald, Beatrice According to him, Peter, an Ahmedabad resident, was travelling to Anand to see a cousin.

The train was travelling from Mumbai Central to Gandhinagar Capital. The railway station in Anand is not a stop. On September 30, Prime Minister Narendra Modi signalled the beginning of the train’s first journey from Gandhinagar Capital station.

The train has been damaged three times in the past month as a result of collisions with cattle on the rails. On October 6, between Vatva and Maninagar railway stations, a herd of four buffalo caused damage to the vehicle’s front panel.

The train struck a cow close to Anand the following day (October 7). In another occasion, a bull was struck by the train in Gujarat close to the Atul railway station.

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