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US police seen on camera punching and kicking a man outside of a store in Arkansas; suspended

Following a significant uproar on social media over a viral video showing a suspect being tied down and severely beaten on a roadside, three law enforcement officers in the American state of Arkansas were suspended on Sunday.

The event took place at a convenience store in Mulberry, Crawford County, Arkansas, at about 10:40 a.m. local time. The three men can be seen in the video striking the “suspect” repeatedly with clenched fists and slamming his head to the ground. Another officer can be seen kneeing him as the third officer was holding him down. One of them even signalled the camera to cease recording.

According to reports, the man was detained after reportedly threatening a city employee of a store. The man allegedly pushed a deputy to the ground and hit him in the back of the head when cops confronted him, as shown in the video, which resulted in the arrest of the man.

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