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‘Unisex uniform will not be imposed’: CM Pinarayi Vijayan

The administration will not require boys and girls to wear the same uniform, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan declared in front of the assembly. The Chief Minister’s justification is related to the debate over gender-neutral attire. The Chief Minister was responding to KK Shailaja’s argument that the state should ensure gender equality.

Teachers, PTA representatives, and student representatives should consult one another at the individual educational institutions to discuss, choose, and implement the best uniforms. The debate over uniforms is one example. Nobody is subject to any form of dress code mandate by the government.

Individuals should have complete independence in terms of what they wear, eat, and believe in while yet adhering to social norms. The administration is adamant that none of the aforementioned should be harmed by extremism. At the school level, each school chooses its own uniform. According to CM, the government hasn’t made any explicit recommendations in this area.

The equality of women was an objective of the Renaissance movements. The Chief Minister advised discouraging several current trends that run counter to this objective. According to the chief minister, a shift in societal thinking is necessary if there is to be a solution to the issues women still confront at work and in society about the male-dominated system.

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