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Two persons  kill  for refusing  to give their    family’s woman   in  marriage

By  our  Correspondent 

Patna, Nov 21  (IVC)    Two  persons from a family  of six ,  on  their  way  to  home from  a Chhath  puja  celebration,  died  on Nov 20  when a man  fired  at them in Bihar’s  Lakhisarai district.

                The police said  that the firing occurred   for the accused  had been “refused  permission “ to  marry a woman  from the family. Four  other  family members, who suffered injuries in the  firing by the accused,  had  been  admitted to  the  Patna Medical  College  Hospital.

                Two  of  them, including the woman, were  in  a critical condition, the doctors attending on them said.  The accused  was  at large, the police added. The accused man belonged  to  a scheduled caste  community  and the victims were  Brahmins, police added. Two  years  ago, the then couple, who  are  now  about  25  years old, allegedly  eloped, and matter  reached the Kawaiya  police station.  The families settled  the matter mutually  and no  police  intervention was required. 

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