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Two months after the exam; The SSLC certificate is yet to arrive

The certificate has not yet been placed in the hands of the kids, even after two months of SSLC results. The pareeksha bhavan announced, “Printing has just started; It will be supplied to the schools after two weeks.” The certificate was previously distributed ahead of the Plus One admissions period.

It was claimed that uploading the SSLC certificate will suffice when applying online for Plus One admission to receive additional points and reservations in place of uploading nativity, caste, and SSLC certificates. Since they did not receive a certificate, the students uploaded the grade list. Caste, Panchayat/Municipality information is not included.

Many applicants who are accepted under the community quota finish the process by displaying their caste certificate. For panchayat/municipal information, a ration card or an Aadhaar card should be shown. Since there are no directions to bring these documents for admission, many persons choose not to carry them. Both educators and learners agree that the admissions procedure is complicated when an SSLC certificate is not obtained.

The delay, according to the officials, was caused by the need to double-check the data to make sure that the information about the kids was accurate. According to officials, there were mistakes when numerous schools typed the names of the kids in Malayalam and sent them; after fixing them, printing began. The DigiLocker app has access to the certificate’s digital form in the interim.

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