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Two  life convicts allow  to  pursue their LLB degree  course online

By  Our Legal  Correspondent

Kochi, Nov 08  (IVC)    The  two  life  convicts, Pattakka Suresh Babu  and V Vinoyi  were  permitted  by the High Court  of Kerala  to attend  a law degree course  through online mode.

                A  Division Bench  of  the court  consisting  of Justices  A J  Jayasankaran Nambiar  and Kauser  Edappagath  issued the order in this regard on November 07.

                Suresh  Babu , who is  jailed at  the Open  Prison and Correctional Home, Cheemeni, Kannur was  permitted  to  attend the  three-year  LL>B course  at  KMCT  Law  College , Malappuram and Vinoy , who  is now at  Central Prison , Kannur , was  permitted  to  attend the  course  at  Sree Narayana Law  College, Poothotta, Ernakulam.

                The  superintendents  of  both jails  and the Principals  both  the colleges shall  make necessary arrangements  to  enable  the  duo to  attend the  classes  online.  

                The  jail  superintendents  shall  release them  on interim bail whenever their  physical  presence is  insisted upon by the  college  for  attending moot  court, seminar, workshop,intership   programme examination or  any  other practical  training  the court  directed. Though  the  convicts had  sought  the  suspension  jail  term  to  pursue  the  study,  the  court  refused  to  entertain the  plea.

                The  trial  courts  had found beyond  the  reasonable  doubt  there  was direct  evidence to  prove  that  the two had committed the  offence of  murder , the   Bench  said. At  the  same  time, the  Bench felt  that  the  right of  the  two convicts  to  pursue  the  study  must  be honoured.

                It  was  necessary  to strike  a  balance between the  interests of  society  and  the  rights  of a  convict.  The  two  shall  be permitted  to  undergo the  classes online utilizing the  technology available at  the  jails and  colleges without suspending  the  execution of  sentence.                 Such  adirection would bring  about  a  meaningful integration  of  technology  into the  criminal justice  dispensation  system of  the  country, the  court  observed.

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