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Devikulam, Nov 21  (IVC)   The wild  tusker  Padayappa  again entered  the Lockhart  estate   area  near here in  Idukki  district  on  the  morning  of Nov 20.

                According to the local people, the tusker  entered  the factory  division  area  of  Lockhart  estate  around 0630  hours  and roamed  around  the cluster  homes (Layams) of  the estate  workers in  the area for over  three hours.   The animal did  not  attack the houses.

                After  0930 hours the tusker  moved  to the forest.  The local  peop

                On Sunday  night (Nov  19)  the  tusker  reached  the  ration shop  in  the  area.  When the people noticed the  tusker’s  presence  at 1100 hours night , they alerted  forest  officials  and they  and they  chased the animal back to  the  forest.                 Munnar Assistant  Conservator Forests (ACF) Job J Neriamparampil said  the  Forest  Department  team  was  closely  monitoring  the  movements  of  the  tusker.  “It  did  not  attack attack  anyone  on  MONDAY.  The Munnar  and adjacent  areas  are  its  natural  habitat”,  Neriamparampil  said.

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