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Tourism Department plan to make Kerala the primary tourism destination

Sreekumar, the deputy director of the Kerala Tourism Department, stated, “We are planning to make the entire Kerala a tourist destination.

The Kerala government will launch new initiatives to advance the state’s tourism industry and draw more visitors to remote coastal towns and lesser-visited locations.

The Kerala Tourism Department’s Travel Trade Expo was conducted yesterday in Chennai to raise awareness of this among travellers from Tamil Nadu. This featured performances of Mohiniyattam and Kathakali, two of Kerala’s classical dance forms.

Several halls were then put up to inform visitors about Kerala’s features, tourism attractions, lodging options, cuisine, etc.

We intend to turn the entire state of Kerala into a popular tourist destination, according to Sreekumar, the deputy director of tourism for Kerala. Houses, houseboats, caravans, forest lodges, hill plantations, and houses are all options for lodging. There is access to ayurvedic medical care. Trekking, adventure travel, and other activities will provide tourists with positive experiences.

Kerala tourism’s primary goal is to take visitors to scenic areas that are less frequented.

Also, to draw tourists, new ventures like “Caravan Tourism, Caravan Kerala” have organised beaches, hilly regions, boathouses, and backwater locations. In the last nine months, 1.33 crore tourists visited. This is 1.94 percent more than last year.

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